Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank You Boys

I admire boys.

No, this is not your typical "bash the male species" blog...this is a more or less "I'm thankful for men moments." Why did I have this strange epiphany? I mean don't get me wrong...I have my total "Ugh, you've got to be kidding me moments" with men (I know I know...even with Russell ;)....but today I felt like giving them props.

What do I admire about males?

Well, for one....they can totally pee standing up, but that's a different story. Men in general tell it like it is. For example, if another male becomes frustrated with another male they generally:
A. confront the other bluntly ("Dude...what's up with _______?")
B. fist fight and get over it
C. brush it off and go on.
In the end....no matter what option they choose they can totally get over their crap and go get a beer in the end.

Women? Noooooooo freakin' way. We get mad at each other or have our feelings hurt by the other and:
A. hold a grudge till death (usually over a simple misunderstanding and lack of communication)
B. talk crap behind each other's back
C. lie and say we're not mad but continue to act like a wet cat
D. ignore the other on purpose
E. you know as well as I do this list could go on and on and on and on......we are creative in our ways to "get back"for hurt feelings...

This is not true for every female....but in "general" we are known for being "catty." I'm discovering however, the older I get, the less time I have to play into snippy female drama. I've totally had my fair share and started plenty...I'll admit. But now, I'm learning to let the small stuff go...not saying all the time because let's face it....we ARE wired differently than men and I have short circuits....and yes estrogen can wreck your world. But does that wiring really have to be frayed all the time and so quickly? Do we have to get in a tizzy and immediately result to A,B,C,D or E?

Let's just tell it like it is...say what's up without resulting to A,B,C,D, or E....if I tick you off let me know... and let's go get a beer.

Thank you boys.....especially to the boys who recognize that yes, we are "gentle" creatures but encourage us to grow some thicker skin every now and then.