Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Awkward days

Let's see....where did I leave off? Okay...multiple follicles=potential litter. Well, it turns out that I produced 2 good follicles for the procedure. No mini series for us just yet ;)

Saturday night (well, technically Sunday morning) at 1:30am Russ had to give me my biggest shot yet. I was a little antsy on this one because it was about 2 inches long. So this shot went in my rear. Lovely. Oh, but don't worry..."X" marked the spot. The nurse was so kind to draw a little X on my rear so we could inject it in the right place! lol Well, Russ was a champ because I didn't feel a thing! DONE with needles for now!!

Sooo...36 hours later.....Monday came around and we were totally pumped for our IUI. No one told me this was going to be the MOST. AWKWARD. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE. This is an open blog so I'll keep it PG and leave out some of the "fun" details....but let me just say......the "ever so wondered about cabinet" of nudey magazines EXIST!! Oh yes can go ahead and laugh. Russ and I did. The thing that's so cool about an IUI is that they take the sperm, wash it, then insert (only the good movers) closer to the egg being released. Something cool? My fabulous nurse even prayed before the procedure started!! We love Dendy and the staff at Dr Dorsett's office. The procedure itself was fine. A little uncomfortable at times but pretty painless and quick. Another funny moment? They sure did wrap me up like a burrito in a blanket and tip me upside down for 15 minutes!! Thank goodness for the website "Damn You Auto Correct"... Russ felt like I needed to laugh through the upside down waiting period. I couldn't have agreed more.....( in case you're interested.

From here I wait. We go in on the 27th to see if I'm preggers :) This could be the longest 2 weeks of my life. We've come this far publicly so we'll make the announcement of yes or no publicly too. So I'll keep ya updated. Thank you for all the encouraging words and PRAYERS!!! We appreciate every one of them!


Dana said...

Love the story....laughter is the best medicine. We will be waiting on pins and needles for the 27th. Many prayers coming your way. Can't wait to hear!

janie rogers said...

Ashley and Russell... praying for you guys, but laughing at the same time with your hilarious post... Yes, keep a sense of humor.. Ashley, I am so glad you appreciate Russell Sewell... He is one of my very favorite.One of my students who would go outside and study the design of the bricks on the old school house and I would have to go lead him back to the line to go in after recess...Then he would go draw the design instead of what I wanted him to do... but seriously, a wonderful gifted student! Love you... Janie Rogers

Jantz & Ab said...

Baha, this makes me laugh and relive our experience. :) And shoot, I'm gonna have to check out that website! Btw, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

sugarmouse said...

time for an update on this space, maybe? (:

hope it was good news!