Friday, April 15, 2011

Really??? You just said WHAT??

THE STUPID THINGS THAT PEOPLE SAY TO PREGNANT WOMEN is truly amazing....really. You hear stories about it all the time. You don't think anything of it until YOU become the victim of these stupid unfiltered comments/insults.

This week has been FULL of idiotic comments such as today's latest:

(Background: Friday afternoon, I've marked kids' cards, exhausted, just NOT a pleasant afternoon)

Student's Grandmother: "So when is your baby due?"
Me:(happy smile) "September 5th."
Student's Grandmother: (look of horror with a gasp) "You are HUGE for September 5th!!"

So honestly what am I supposed to say? At the moment I'm stunned. Did she really just say that? So what do I do??? I cry my stupid eyes out for 30 minutes.

Just because you are a cute old lady that does NOT give you permission, or anybody else for that matter, to comment on my size.....even if I AM bigger than the broad side of a barn.


(Background: Loud bossy girl comes into my Centergy class.....)

Girl: "Don't you teach over at 34th on Saturday mornings?
Me: (happy smile) "Yes."
Girl: (snotty look) "Well, I've taken your classes before but ummm......yah you looked a LOT different then." (as she points to her stomach making a large round motion with her arms)

So.....class begins. WHO has to stop in the middle of salutations, back, AND abs??? NOT ME. I may be pregnant but I can STILL do all of my class and I will ENSURE that YOU get a great workout too. Thankyouverymuch.....


Amanda said...

When I was 8 months pregnant with Deegan I was in the waiting room at my OB and a lady not much old than me asked when I was due. I told her that it was just a month away at which point she said that I must be so excited to be having twins. Um...yeah...I could have punched her in the face but cried my eyes out instead.

I don't know what gives people the license to say such things when they encounter a pregnant person. I've seen your look adorable and so tiny! :)

Organized Chaos said...

Well, I think you could look at the "size" thing as a good thing. Mamas like to see their babies put on weight because it' shows they're thriving. Big belly means thriving baby!

I think you look adorable. Don't let other people rob you of your joy, Ashley. You're a beautiful pregnant woman! Enjoy this time.